I played this game two weeks ago. My opponent was a young guy, I played him once before and won. We got Slav Exchange, we were equal until I missed a combination 16… Nxb2 17. Rxb2 Bxa3 with a 0.5 advantage.

I considered 20… Nxa3, but decided not to take it, in any case computer considers it equal. Then after his 28. Qg4 I got better. I made a mistake playing 30… Qf7 instead of 30… fxg5 with advantage and noticed 31. g6! right away. I even thought I could lose, but it is a draw. Taking on f4 I foresaw my queen’s return to h6 after check. Of course it was a bad idea for him to exchange his knight for my bishop.

Then he got into a time trouble and made a serious mistake by playing 37. Kh3, 37… Qf5 was winning on the spot. Anyway soon he made another mistake – 39. Qd6 which was decisive.