March 2018

It was a 5th round in the Monday’s club, my opponent was a young man rated 2170. I lost a few games to him before playing Sicilian Bb5 and drew one with Closed Sicilian, so I decided to play it again. I was good after the opening, then I thought that I should play actively.

So after his 15… Nc4 I didn’t play Bc1 because I saw 16. Nxd5. I calculated that I win a pawn if he plays Nxd5, the same if 16… Nxe3 17. Nxe3 Bxd4 18. c3. I also saw Nxb2, but thought that it will be at least equal after that. After he took on b2 I realized that he attacks my rook and I lose material, so started to think what to do and calculated next 3 moves that happened in the game. After initial shock I thought that I have some compensation because my pieces were very active, computer confirms it giving him just 0.5. Then he started to execute a plan with moving the pawns on the queenside.

I could resist by playing 35. Rc8, but I didn’t consider it. My position was getting worse and worse, g4 was played out of desperation and soon I resigned.


It was 4th round in Monday’s club. My opponent was a young guy rated 1762, provisional.
I had White, we got Ruy Lopez, old Steinitz variation. Instead of Nc3 computer prefers to develop knight on d2, then to f3.

My move 17. Nd5 started complications. After 18. Be3 c6 I decided that I am losing a piece, because after 19. Bxd4 cxd4 my knight has nowhere to go. But I could play 20. f5 as well as 19. c3 in the first place. He decided to play 19. cxd5 and I realized soon that even I am down a pawn I definitely have a compensation. His 23… Ne5 was a big mistake, instead exf5 was about -1.

I thought a lot about move 25, deciding what to play – fxe6 or f6 and not seeing how I can get anything real out of f6 played fxe6. But there was 25. Rd7 Rf8 26. f6 winning on the spot. I also missed Rd7 on the next move and lost all my advantage. Then we went into a rook endgame where I saw that I can get a pressure on his c5 pawn. His 41… Kc6 was a mistake and then he allowed rooks exchange. The pawn endgame was technical and in a hopeless position he resigned.

It was a first round of a new tournament. My opponent was a man rated 1473, he played French Defense. After exchange on c6 I started to feel good about this game.

After his 11… f5 I thought right away that it created a weakness on e6. I laid siege to it, then played c4 and soon d5. He made a big mistake by playing 25… Rfe7 instead of g6. Then I missed 35. Bh5 and played much weaker Bc2. Anyway his reply 35… Qe7 was a decisive mistake.

The situation was somewhat complicated by the fact that I had a minute and a half  and he had a minute left. I managed to stay cool, all I had to see was a threat on the a8-h1 diagonal.