My opponent was a young man, I got White. We played Ruy Lopez, Chigorin variation very fast until our game reached the first  non-theoretical move – 16… c4. I had to prevent his intentions on “a” vertical , then suddenly he closed the queenside.

I thought that I am better after that, computer supports it. f4 looked kind of forced to me. His h5 move gave me a motive for a combination. I saw that after 34. Nxh5 gxh5 35. e5+ and 36. e6  I get my piece back and my position is good, but didn’t expect that it is actually winning on the spot. He probably felt it, so didn’t take the knight. Computer thinks that I had to play Nf5+ one move earlier and I would get a +3 advantage. I think I started to feel the time pressure, he had much more time than me. It showed when I played h6,  not seeing Rh8. I realized that I lost all my advantage, was very low on time and actually started to play for a draw, though not offered it.

Then on the move 60 he made a mistake and I saw it right away. I had 1.5 minute remaining, just enough to estimate that I win a pawn. For some reason, maybe shaken by this strike, he gave up another pawn instead of playing Kh7 where I do not have much. Then I made a mistake by playing 64. Kh4, I only can say that I played on increment at this time. He could play Rxg4 and I would have to go for a perpetual check. Then he made a horrible mistake by playing Qe8, but I did not see Qxh7.

69. Rf5 was a weak move, instead 69. Qe7+Kh7 70. h7 was much better, but anyway it was already a winning position. He tried to complicate things by Nxb4, but I saw that there is nothing there. Then he finally blundered with Kxh6 and resigned.