I played on Monday, here is the game. My opponent was an old guy rated 1674, he had a break for a quite a few years, played just in one tournament afterwards, but unexpectedly didn’t look rusty, quite the opposite. He played very fast, even on d5 he didn’t spend much time. I didn’t feel comfortable until he played 18… bxc6.

I felt that bxc6 wasn’t the best move and after 19. Bb6 thought ┬áthat I am better. This is a typical move in this line and this bishop is really strong. He started to think more, especially after he understood my intention to occupy “d” vertical. His 28… Kh7 was an already losing move, then Kg6 was a final mistake. I saw that I am better in the bishop endgame and then I realized that b5 is winning.