My opponent was a girl I played before once and won. This time it started differently, with her playing Trompowsky attack, here is the game. I had some problems in the opening, but after she made a couple of passive moves – 9. a3 and 14. Na2 I got some initiative.

Then I missed 17. Nxc6 and saw that she can win “a” pawn. I decided to give up that pawn and play d5 with some compensation. I considered Qxc6 too, but didn’t like 18. Nb4 Qa4 19. b3 Qxa3 20. Rxa1 Qb2 21. Bd4, not seeing that 20… Nxe4 ruins it for White. She didn’t want complications with d5 and preferred to get two bishops. I was able then to activate my pieces and got about 0.5 advantage, but it didn’t materialize. So, I decided to go into N vs. B endgame, thinking that my knight is better. The best thing would be to offer her a draw, she had essentially less time and would agree, I think. I had to see that I am not in a very good shape that day and not to press for a win.

Suddenly after 51. g5 fxg5 and then 53. f5 I realized that I am in a huge trouble.  I made then two bad moves in a row – 54… fxg5 and 55… d5 and the game was over. I resigned after a few moves when the mate is coming.