I just finished this game.  It was a correspondence game from the thematic team match between “French Defence fanatics” and “Team Belgium” on chess.com, I was playing on the 1st board for “French … ” team.  I lost pretty badly the first game with Black and wanted revenge. I played also 2 games with this guy more than a year ago, 2 draws.
It started with the variation that Korchnoi and Karpov played in Candidates match in 1974, 3…c5 in Tarrasch leading to Black having isolated pawn on d5. Their games were positional, here I castled queenside and it became pretty sharp, with White pawn storming on the kingside.
My opponent for some reason didn’t respond with the same and restricted himself to defense. I sacrificed a pawn to open the lines. Then my opponent missed the moment, when he could equalize (after 25. h6) and after a few mistakes got essentially worse.
I thought my 35. Bf6 was good – winning an exchange, but Fritz says I had better move 35. Rd8+ winning a piece and a game. I think I saw it, but I believed that the king escapes after 35… Kf7, not seeing 36. Qh5+ winning then a queen for a rook.
Anyway I went up an exchange and in occurred R vs. N endgame had to be careful with him having an “h” passed pawn. After 47. Rg1+ I think he got scared of the mate ( my king was on e4 ) and abandoned the “h” pawn, taking instead my pawn on a2. After a few more moves my advantage became decisive and he resigned.