So, I return to my blog after series of bad games, which I didn’t want to publish. Maybe it is symbolic, that yesterday I had the same opponent as in the last game I posted. This time I have White, here is the game.

I play Ruy Lopez and my guess is right, he plays d6 after Ba4. I do not know the lines after that, the only thing I know is “Noah’s Arc”, so I try not to get into it and play Bd5. I feel that I have advantage after the opening, the only plan that comes into my mind is attack with f4. Then I lose my advantage by playing Qg3. I try to stay calm after his 27… Rd2 seeing that I have threats too.

His move Rbd8 is expected and is too optimistic. I feel good after taking “f” pawn and think that if an endgame will arise then maybe I can overplay him . This is exactly what happens. He has less time and around move 38 he stops to write the moves, though he has something like 5 minutes and 40 seconds. I am concentrated on the game and do not say anything. All my moves are natural and I don’t spend much time on them. Suddenly after 43… Rc8 I see the end of it and play e7. He resigns after some thinking.