Two in one – so two games in one post. First I played on Monday last week, second – this Monday. Both my opponents were not very happy to get me since they know I am better than my current rating, which is basically the same as theirs, also I won against them lately.

Game 1. I have White, French. Nothing unusual, then I miss an opportunity to win a pawn after Nxd7. I think a lot on move 23, still don’t play superior 23. Bxb5 Qxb5 24. Qxg7 because of Bg5 – not seeing excellent reply 25. Rf3.
So, it’s going to be a boring endgame and here he plays sharp 24… Bg5.
I accept it as a challenge and after some thinking decide to take on e6.
His sudden 26… Qe2 looks really scary and at some moment I think: “Am I going to lose this game?”, but then decide “what the hell, I’ll just do my best to defend …”. Things eventually look not so bad and then I get a golden opportunity with 29. Qe4, which this time I don’t miss.
I play Nc5, Nd3, then I see e6 with following Qd6. I get a huge advantage, he is forced to give up a piece and soon he resigns.

Game 2. I play Black, Ruy Lopez. I manage to get more active position and then I see a tactical opportunity with 15… e4.
Fritz doesn’t think much of it and prefers another move, but I would still play this one.
It leaves me with a passed pawn and him with a bad pawn structure and a bad bishop.
After 16… Bxb2 17. Ra2 I see that I have to play Bc3 and hate his Bd2 with him capturing “d” line, but then find Qf6, Fritz’s move.
He offers queens exchange after which vertical “d” is mine and the game starts to go one way. He doesn’t help himself with his kingside play. After 36… Ke5 I think about moving my king to d4 and suddenly he blunders with f4.
He probably saw that I can’t take on e4 because of the pin, but forgot that I can take on f4 with a rook. He resigns right away.