September 2013

I played on Monday with a boy rated ~1450 and had White.   He started bravely, with Jaenisch Gambit, here is the game.

I knew that I have to play d3 and Nc3,  then had to improvise.  When he played Bg4 I had a feeling that have a winning line there.  After some calculation I realized, that even with him getting the piece back after g5 I am better, so played Bxf6.

After 16… Rf4 I saw the idea of mating combination with Nxg6, but it was not possible in this position. Rxe4 was a good move and a trap at the same time, inviting to take on c2. He did and after Ng6+ resigned.

This is a refrased title of the one of my favorite AC/DC songs. The season in the club started with a changed time control – 60/G plus 15 seconds increment. I got an opponent with whom despite of his higher rating I had a positive score.

I got Black and we got Slav defense, Exchange variation, here is the game. He got an attack after the opening and told me after the game, that he saw 17. Bxh7, but decided not to follow with it.  Funny that after 17. Bxh7+ Kxh7 18. Qh5+ Kg8 even Fritz thinks that Black is better until you force him to play 19. Rf3. That was winning.

21. Rf3 was his big mistake allowing me to win an exchange. Then I didn’t have to give up my queen for his rook and night, but situation looked too dangerous to me. I didn’t see that after 27… Rc7 28. Rh7 Qf6 my knight was coming to f7 to defend from Kf2 and Qh1.  Anyway I got a material and positional advantage and he was really low on time, less than 30 seconds. But he started to play fast and he saw a plan with his queen penetrating into my backyard.

That really worked well and I had to switch to defense. Then he repeated moves a few times and after me noticing it thought a bit and agreed to a draw. In the final position I was actually worse, he still had less time and probably didn’t see how he can win.