So, finally I played a good game and won, first win again strong opponent this year (of course including a 3 month break).

It was a first round, I got a boy I thought I lost to before, but it was a draw. Unexpectedly I got White. We played Ruy Lopez, quite common line.  After 19… Bf8 I realized he didn’t have a definite plan, I decided I have to have my own. Fritz wasn’t excited about 20. f3 because of of 20… h5, but it worked. Of course g5 was a bad move, right away I started to think how to exploit it.  After sacrifice on g5 the game is lost for him. Fritz thinks that 29. gxf5 with rook coming through f3 is stronger than Nxf6+, but it is winning anyway. Than I saw that my queen and pawn are strong enough to create problems for him. It ended up with promoting a queen and mate.