July 2014

There is an expression in Russian that sounds very similar, seems like a good description of what happened. It was a first round of a new tournament. Being for the first time somewhere in the middle of the top section I expected a guy from the very top or from the very bottom. I got it from the top, it was a boy who recently progressed a lot and reached 2200 rating. I had a very good score him in the past, but it didn’t matter.

I got Black and the game from the beginning got into the right direction with him playing Ruy Lopez. I noticed that my g6 surprised him though it is a regular move and then his Bxf6 really surprised me. I didn’t quite like his Rf1, but realized that I should do something and played d5.

I rather intuitively felt that his 23. Rd1 wasn’t a good move. Fritz prefers 25… exf4 to my e4, but I didn’t want to give him the “f” vertical. His f5 and f6 showed that he didn’t evaluate the position right, continuing to attack. On move 29 Fritz likes h5, I didn’t play it because of Nxh5+ not seeing Be4.

Then I found 31… Rxd4. There is a line that I found at home, where Black should be very careful: 32. Nxd4 e2 33. Qd2 Kg8 – is the only move, g5 loses. The sacrifice actually was stronger than I thought and after him giving up the queen for the rook and knight I really started to play for a win. His time situation wasn’t good either. I knew that I just need to play accurately. In the end a mate was coming and he resigned.


I went to the club last Monday, got the guy with about the same rating. I had White and we played Caro-Kann, here is the game. I had a feeling that I have some positional advantage though the opening.

I didn’t realize his e5 was bad, it is because after inevitable g3 and Bg5 he loses a piece after Nxg5. Nevertheless I liked that I can exchange my knight on g5 and force him to play f6. I was even thinking that was better for him to sacrifice his g5 pawn, that much I didn’t like f6.

After 31.  Nd6 he had a tough position. 33… Kg7  was a crucial mistake, I saw Rxf5 almost right away. Then he surprised me by giving up his queen for rook and knight.

After he doubled his rooks I knew I should be careful, but I also knew that I am winning. Moving b5 pawn was the easiest way to win, he eventually made a mistake and the game was over.