I played on Monday, my opponent was a young  guy rated ~100 higher than me. I had White,  played Ruy Lopez and he after some thinking chose Marshall attack, here is the game. I played a few Marshall attack OTB games with Black – without much success, but  I never played it with White, though I had some knowledge and online blitz experience, preferring  modern variation Re4. I liked more the line with d3, where Black can’t play g5 after Re4.

After 18… c5 I think I found a way to neutralize his initiative. The position started to look better and better to me. He had less time, so I decided to stir up things a little bit and played b3. It worked and he missed 35. Rd7. Another mistake and he resigned before getting mated.

I was really happy after the game.  My efforts related to Marshall attack eventually paid off.