It was a second round, I got a girl, 1800+, I lost to her a couple of months ago losing a pawn, then playing too adventurously. This time I got White again, same Sicilian, Moscow variation line.

I played more cautiously this time, didn’t get much of an advantage after the opening, but liked my position. After 22. e5 I soon realized that I am losing this pawn, but thought that I will have some compensation. I planned 27. cxd4 and played it right away, then after quick thinking played 28. Rxd4 and suddenly I saw that queen can attack rook on a8 and knight on e5 from e4. But it was too late, she noticed it too and played Rc8. It was actually a crucial mistake, because I could play 29. Qg5! Nc4 30. Rh4 winning the game. But I didn’t see it.

Then I realized that though I have better position, I have less time and down a pawn. I gave it a long thought before deciding to go for a perpetual 31. Rd8+ Rxd8 32. Qxd8+ Qg8 33. Qf6+ . So we played 31. Rd8+ Rxd8 32. Qxd8+ Qg8 and suddenly I saw Nf6. It looked like I could win her queen. Of course I decided to go for it. After 34… Nd5 I was in shock realizing that not only I wouldn’t win, but probably would lose. As a result of the shock I didn’t play the better 35. Ne4, leaving knights. By the way I had a bit more than 5 minutes at that time. The pawn endgame was lost and ended up soon.