It was a strange French, with a twist and the game had a twist too. My opponent was a young guy,  I lost to him before once in the team blitz tournament.  I had White, here is the game.

I was a bit better after the opening, but his 15… Bc5 equalized the game. It was pretty quiet until I played 27. e4. His Qg3 was a mistake. I calculated Rxd5 and decided that if he plays Rf2 I have Re8 and I should get a least  perpetual. It was actually only if he would play 30… Kf7 and I will answer Qe8+. The thing is Qh5 was winning. So, he went for Rf2 and then Kh7.

I saw Qg6 and after some pause realized that I am winning here after Rh8. He resigned after that.