June 2014

I came to the club last Thursday and got the master,  guy at the top, meaning playing on the first board. It was kind of weird to play at the separate table standing aside, but I got used to it. I had a loss against him, in French Tarrasch, Be7 line.

We got it again, here is the game. I decided to play 4.Bb5+, actually this move was played only once. The idea was to get his bishop on the bad square, like in Scandinavian. It kind of threw him out of book, I think.  After the opening I realized that my position is quite good.  He decided to exchange some pieces, probably seeing that there were no advantage in the heavy middlegame.

I liked a plan with f4, g4, f5 attack and executed it, though it didn’t give me much. Then he made a move Fritz doesn’t like  – 47… Ke7. I missed 48. Rb7 and then, after a few moves – 50. Rg7.  Funny that he can’t take on b2 because of the mate. He already didn’t have much time at that moment, so it was definitely worth to try. I get about +1 after this move anyway.

Then he got down to less than a minute with me having about twenty. I offered him a draw after we got into a rook endgame, but he refused. I didn’t want to give him any winning chances and didn’t let to take on b2. Then I decided to get rid of his pawns on the kingside, I didn’t like them all the time thinking he can get a passed pawn. The position became really simple after that and when he offered a draw I agreed. Fritz considers the position equal.

I wasn’t quite happy to get this opponent, he is a former master (actually it’s for life in Canada) and I lost at least a couple of times to him. Last time it was painful because I missed a win  – .  Anyway, he gets White,  jokes using a few Russian words that he knows, game starts.

We get Slav defense,  here is the game.  After his 11. Ne5 I feel that I can get some play after Nxe5 and f6.  Then in a few moves he loses a pawn. Needless to say I start to get a good feeling about this game.  After his 22. g4 I realize that he is on the same self-destructive path as he was last time. The difference is that I have a lot of time, more than him by the way and I know that I should be careful.

I don’t like 25. Ra5 and I see his Bc2, Qd3 coming and that I can easily prevent the mate threat. The natural Bb3+ loses the game, his pieces are all bad placed at this moment. I find all the right moves and after his Ra3 see that the game is over. The guy just received the cup for the second place in the Club Championship, it makes it even better.