I played before with this guy and had a +1, -1 score, the loss being the last one. I knew that his rating was higher than mine, found out at home that it was 1844. I had White, here is the game.

I think playing a positional game was a really good idea in this case. I was surprised by his queenside castle ( Fritz didn’t like it either with +1.1) and decided to exploit it right away. I was having advantage until move 30. Then I didn’t go for getting a queen for two rooks with Rc6, I didn’t analyze it much. Fritz thinks it’s better than my R4c2 with -1. Then I made even a bigger mistake with 33. Qc2 where he has a win with 34… Rd2, but he didn’t play it.

Interesting that all the time I thought that I have a strong attack. I saw that he has a perpetual after 42. Qc4 with 42… Qf5+, but didn’t like the endgame so decided to try my luck. Fortunately he didn’t go for it, not seeing  43… Qg6+ as he explained later. Rb1 was a crucial mistake, I saw that I was winning right away. I was in some time trouble, having less than 5 minutes left, but managed to stay cool. After 47. Rxb6+ he resigned.