There is an expression in Russian – “Tishe edesh’ – dal’she budesh’ “,  literally – “going slower will get you further”, or similar expression in English – “slow and steady wins the race”. I am restructuring my chess training lately. It involves not playing online “real-time” games after midnight ( it automatically decreases their number quite essentually), studying endgames, etc. The new element I introduced is online correspondence chess. I never played before any correspondence games and always was sceptical about it. But realization that I need to play more slow games forced me to find some solution. I can’t play more OTB games than I play now, so I decided to try online correspondence on one free server. You can play several games at once, time limit is 1, 3, … days per move and you can use opening databases, game explorers, books, but not chess engines or somebody’s help. The first unexpected thing  was that initial rating is very low and unlike in usual online chess you can’t quickly raise it, so you have to play with low rated opponents. The good thing is that as I found, people do more than one move per day. I already won one game and plan to win more to get to the more appropriate rating and opponents! soon enough. It’s funny, I do not remember blitz games I played yesterday, but I do remember most of the game I won, even there was nothing special at all. I remember most of the 4 games going on right now – 2 Spanish ( Ruy Lopez ) as black and Scandinavian and Alekhine as white. I can even think during the day about the next moves (  very roughly, though ). I hope my openings and my endgame technique will get a boost, as I look for the best moves in opening and for similar endgames as well, having one day per move. Probably I can increase twice the number of the games, not sure if I want that,  definitely no more than that. I’ll see how it will go, hopefully I am not setting my expectations too high.