Here is the link to live action:

7:40am. Our women are playing with Portugal, 1:2, our first board has winning chances.  Men are playing with Colombia,  1.5:0.5,  1st board down 2 pawns, but opponent’s king is not safe, 4th board has 2 queens.

On the “big screen” USA are beating Ukraine – 2:0 !!!

Here is the position from Natalia’s ( 1st board) game:


8:15am. Our men won already – 2:5-0.5, one more game. Natalia sacrifices a pawn, if it is accepted, White get essentually more active rook and king.

China losing to Armenia – 1:2.

8:26am. USA won the match – 2:5:0.5 with one more game, looks like they can get bronze medals.

8:40am. Fierce battle on the women’s first board.

8:55am.  Armenia won the Olympiad!  Crazy, crazy rook endgame on women’s first board continues. It’s the first time I am watching endgame like I would watch middlegame with let’s say castling to opposite sides and mutual attacks. It’s finished and it’s a draw, so women lost the match – 1.5:2.5.

9:30am. Israel get silver! Not clear who gets bronze yet, it will be decided on TB.

11:00am. USA gets bronze, women’s team too.

Canada – national team – 28th, women – 65th.

8:30am EST. Our men are playing with Trinidad & Tobago, outrate them by 300 each, I hope for “shutout”.  Women are playing with Belarus and outrated by 150 on the first 2 boards and by 75-100 on boards 3 and 4, tough match.

I am having a problem with choosing an interesting super-GM game(s), they always draw. I will follow  Carlsen-Navara (Czech Republic)  today, hope Magnus plays well.

9:12am. They started! Magnus plays Ruy Lopez, quiet d3, c3 scheme.

Natalia plays unusual for her Dutch with Black, Yuan – Accelerated Dragon with White, Dina – Closed sicilian with Black, Hazel – Pirc defense with White.

10:20am. Natalia’s position is difficult and she has half an our less on the clock, Yuan’s chances in mutial attack look good, and there is a positional play on the other 2 boards.

11:30am. Looks like 3rd board is losing, 2nd and 4th are OK for now, 1st has 9 minutes for 10 moves.

11:38am. Our 4th board just won a knight, great!

12:42m.  Men – 2:0, women – 0:1 and I think they are going to lose the match.

2:18pm.  Men – 3.5:0.5,  women – 0.5:3.5.  4th board allowed dangerous passed pawn and in the end was lucky to force a draw.