My opponent was a young guy, never played him before. He played Queen’s pawn, here is the game. His early attack, starting with h4, for a long time seemed not serious to me.  I missed a nice tactics with 13. Nxg4, it was my only chance in this game.

I did not realize how bad was my position until I made a fatal mistake with Ne4. His Rxh2 effectively finished the game.

I played yesterday and it was a disaster. I feel like a cook, who was preparing an unknown dish and screwed up every component of it. I was Black, my opponent was a guy I played twice before –  loss almost in the opening in the first game, revenge in the endgame in the second. This game was somewhat similar to the first. He was White, played 1.d4 and 2. c4, and I wanted to play Benko, but already on the 3rd move he played the move nobody ever played before, here is the game. On move 6  I got the wrong idea that the exchange of the dark-colored bishops will be not good for me and played h5 to avoid it. Actually, after  6.  …  Bg7 7. 7.  Bh6 Qb6 (stressing the weakness of his queenside) I was getting -0.91 advantage.  Then I overestimated his tactical threats after Bf4 – Nb5, Nc7+, not seeing Qa5 check after which his knight had to go back.  My move 8… a6 was beginning of the disaster and then I gave up a pawn, thinking that after 9…Nxd5 I will get under pin, but after 10. Rd1 e6 he had to move or exchange his queen. When I moved knight to a5, I saw that it can go to c4, but when he played 10. Be5   I concentrated on the kingside, played 10… g7 and after 11. b4 realised with horror that the knight can’t go now to c4 and after 11…Nb3 12. Rb1 can’t go anywhere.  Anyway, I continued to play, but after losing another piece on move 31, I resigned.