This Latin quote means “Time flies, the hour flees”, it well reflects what happened in the end of the game. My opponent was a young man rated 1874, I lost to him 5 months ago. He had White and we played Queen’s pawn opening. I played 4… Bg4, the book move is 4… Bf5. I didn’t quite like the pawn structure that I got after the opening.

After his 19. b4 I noticed that I can have the c4 square for my knight. His 20. Rdf1 was a mistake, computer says I had to play Qe7 right away, not on the next move. After 20… Qe7 21. b5 Qb4+ 22. Ka1 Nxa4 23. Nxa4 Qxa4+ 24. Kb2 Qb4+ 25. Kc1 Re7 the evaluation is -0.86. As soon as I played 21… Qe7 I thought that he is in trouble and my queen and knight can wreak havoc on his position.

I spent quite a lot of time, probably more than 15 minutes, deciding between 23… Nc4 and 23… Nxa4. Computer says that I overestimated my position and even the better 23. Nxa4 is just equal, 23… Nc4 is about +0.5. Computer considers his 29. Qg3 a mistake, giving up the advantage. After the queens exchange the position equalized. On move 39 I saw that he has Rxa7 with a fork and impulsively played Rf7. It is a best move by the way, but I had to foresee the consequences.

I thought that after the check 40… Rf1+ I have Re1 and can capture the “e” pawn, but then noticed Nd3 and I can’t take the pawn because of the fork on c5. The only right move was 41… Rf8, Re1 was a big mistake. He returned the favor by 43. Nc5+? , the right move was Ne5. Then my Kb8? allowed him to play Nd7+ and Ne5, he didn’t do that.

The struggle continued and after his 51. Nc5 I missed a clear forced draw. After 51… Rb5 52. Ra2 Na5+ 53. Ka3 Nc4 54. Kb3 Black has a perpetual. I have to say that in the early middlegame he had a big advantage in time, then he started to think more. Still by that time I had less than 5 minutes and he had more than 20.

When he played 57. Rf7+ I saw that I can’t take the rook. After he queened his pawn I suddenly noticed that I have just 3 seconds left and quickly took the queen. I saw that my time jumped to 31 second and then honestly I don’t know what happened with me, I think I was afraid to get mated and thought on actually only move Kb6. To my horror I saw that he points to the clock where my time was out. Another disappointing thing happened at home when the computer evaluated the final position as 0.00.