It was a 3rd round in the new club, my opponent was a boy rated 1825. I got White, he played French Defense, it became Tarrasch, closed variation. On move 9 I chose the same line that I played 9 days before, I thought I can play it better. Computer doesn’t like his 9… f6 as well as 11… Be7 and evaluates the position as ~+2. After 14 moves it is already about +3.8.

I thought about 15. Qc2, but preferred Qd2, the line was 15. Qc2 h6 16. Qf2 Rf7, 17. Qg3 Nf8 18. Bxh6. After 16. Bd7 I spent quite some time choosing between Ng5 and Bg5. The knight  on g5 after bishops exchange didn’t look very promising, so I chose Ng5. It was a right choice, because after 17. Bg5 he had a strike 17… Rxf3 18. Rxf3 Bxg5 19. Qc2, though computer thinks I still had ~0.7 advantage.

After 19. Be7 Rxf1+ 20. Rxf1 the game was already lost for him, though we didn’t realize that yet. 21. Qg5 was mate in 11. After winning his queen I knew that I have to use the unfortunate placement of his pieces, the rest was technique. He played very fast all the game, I followed first, but after the opening slowed down.