It was a 4th round in the Thursdays club and my opponent was a boy rated 1528. I played him about 3 months, had White, it was Ruy Lopez with Bc5. I missed a win a couple of times. This time it was the same opening, same variation.

Until move 17 the game was very similar to the previous one, exchange of the dark colored bishops and pawn exchange on d4. I thought that exchange on f5 will give my queen a good position there, but he unexpectedly played Ng6. So I won a pawn and then continued my attack on the kingside. On move 35 he made another mistake and I won an exchange. After the game I thought that I got carried away with my attack after that, but computer confirmed that I made the right moves until move 44.

I had about 5 minutes left, quickly considered 44. Bc2, but thought that after Qb2 I would lose a2 pawn. Nevertheless cool 45. Qf6 was keeping White’s advantage. So I played impulsive Rc1 and right away saw Rxc2 and Qb1+. He saw it too, played it and I realized that I lost all my advantage. I even had to play the exact moves to defend. In the end he could get better by 43… Nfe2+ and 44… Nc3. But he played 43… Nfd3 and offered a draw. I had about 3 minutes left vs. his 15, was no better on the board and accepted his offer.