I played in the Rapid Team tournament on Monday. The tournament didn’t go too well with 2/5, but the last round game was interesting.

We castled opposite sides, he attacked on the kingside, me on the queenside. After I opened the “b” vertical, I sacrificed the rook for the knight on b8 and pawn on a6. After a few moves we came to the position on the diagram. I played 1. Ne5 Nxe5 2. Qxe5+ Ke7 3. Qg7+ Kd6. Then I saw the knight sacrifice on e4. So I played 4. Ne4+ dxe4 5. 5. Bb4+ Kd5, then I made a planned move Qe5+. Suddenly he takes my queen with the bishop.

I was in a shock, then played 7. c4+ Kxd4 and suddenly  I saw a mate on d1.