After the game I had a feeling that my play was mediocre. I came home and computer told me that I had my chance and some of my ideas were right, but I didn’t find the right moves. So, it was 5th round in Thursdays club and my opponent was a boy rated 100 lower.

I had White, played Ruy Lopez and he chose Classical defense deferred. After the opening the game became a positional struggle. I thought that his queen was at some risk, thought how to use it, but couldn’t find the decisive move. Computer doesn’t like my Nh2-f1-e3 maneuver, saying that I could play 24. Nf5 ( Black can’t play 24… Bh5 because of 25. g4, then h4). His flashy 28… Nd5 was a big mistake because of 29. h4! Qg4 30. Qd2 and Black loses a piece. Unfortunately I didn’t see that. I played 29. Qd1 and my next queen move 30. Qc1 was bad too, h4 still worked – 30. h4 Qxg3 31. Nxg3 Nxd1 32. Rxd1 with equal position. If 29… Qg4 30. Qd2 Bxf5 31. Nxf5 White is better.

After queens exchange and him taking on a2 I didn’t see that after 32. Ra1 Nb4 the knight would attack my bishop so I still lose a pawn. I got worse, then his another flashy move – 41. c4 was again not good giving up all the advantage. But then strange thing happened, probably time trouble affected me, I had less than 10 minutes left. I considered 44. Rg4!, but didn’t play it, even though I saw Rde6 coming. Then on the next move Rg4 was already a decisive mistake. After 48…  Reb2 the mate became inevitable.