I played this game on Monday last week. I guessed my opponent and color right and decided to play French defense. I looked up a few moves just in case if he plays Nc3 and then the Alekhine-Chatard attack. This is exactly what happened. I also remembered that my king should escape to the queenside.

I had to give the pawn back, but was holding up. Then I played  25… c5, the move was OK, but I didn’t expect his reply b3. I considered 26. b3 cxd4 27. bxc4 dxc3 and didn’t like 28. cxd5. In reality it was equal after that. So I played 26… Nxa3 thinking that then my knight can go to b5 and if he exchanges knights on b5 and takes on f7, I will have a strong attack after Rg1+.
Yes, it was a winning line for me, but he played 28. Nxf7 and I couldn’t take on c3 because of the fork on d6.

Aftre 28… Qxf7 he got a big advantage and then it all went down.