I unexpectedly got White in that round, my opponent was the same boy with whom I played a month ago and won in Rossolimo variation. We played the same variation and got a similar position. I knew that I have to exchange dark-colored bishops early. I succeeded with that and started to organize a kingside attack. I don’t think g5 was a good move. I intentionally took on g4 with a pawn on move 24 in order to open “h” vertical.

I considered of course taking on h6 in different moments, still missed 28. Nxh6.  As I remember the idea of intermediate Qf5+ and then taking on h6 with  a rook flashed in my head at some point and then I lost, forgot it. So, 28. Nxh6 and if 28… Rxh6, then 29. Qf5+ Kg7 30. Rxh6 Kxh6 31. Rh1+ Kg7 32. Rh7+ winning the queen.

I realized that I can’t breakthrough on the kingside and started to prepare a break in the center. Computer criticizes me for not playing 34. d4, I think I thought that he can play 34… Rd8. It actually doesn’t work because of 35. dxe5 Qxd1 36. Ne7 Kf7 37. Qxf6 with a win for White.

After some maneuvering I finally played d4.  His 47… Qd8 was a mistake, I calculated 48. d5 cxd5 exd5 and he can’t take Rxd5 because of 50. Ne7+. There was also a stronger than Ne7+ move – 50. Qe4 with a very strong attack. Anyway I played 50. Qe4, it was strong, but the strongest was 50. dxe6!! Rxd1 51. Qxd1 52. Qe4 Qd8 53. Ne7+ Kg7 54. Qg6+ Kh8 55. Qxf6+ Rg7 winning the queen.

After his 50… Ng7 I could win on the spot playing Nxh6. I saw it, but didn’t calculate deep enough and played Ne7+ winning an exchange. It was similar to the previous game, but there I exchanged the queens almost right away, here I had a feeling that I can win with a straight attack. On move 60 I avoided queens exchange, though on move 63 offered it myself, seeing that I have a clear win in the R vs. N endgame.

On move 66 it was a mate in 8 after Qd5+, which I didn’t see. I can only say that starting from move 50 I played on increment, having about 5 minutes left. His 71…Qxb3 was a crucial mistake, after 74. Qxf6 it was a mate in 7 starting from 75. Re7+. He resigned.