I played this game two weeks ago, my opponent was a guy with whom I played quite a few games, winning them all except losing one while being in a very bad shape. I had Black, Ruy Lopez, I don’t remember anybody playing Nc3 against me, but I played the right moves.

After his 8. 0-0 I decided to get two bishops. Computer gives me only half a pawn advantage after 16… b4, I was feeling that it is more. I started the counter-attack with 20… f5, 21… gxf5 was better than Rxf5. I had to play g5 already on move 39 or every next one until 43 when I finally played it, but I thought it was not possible until I saw that I can support it with the bishop on c8.

45… hxg4 was a mistake, I had to play 45… Rf2. I saw it, but as I remember wondered what would I do after 46. Rxf7 Rxf7 47. Qd1 , not seeing that the bishop can return to b7  making White’s position indefensible. In a few moves I made another mistake, not playing Rxf1+.

Anyway, we went into an endgame with me being two pawns up. I think at that moment the best would be to exchange my bishop for his knight on move 55, but I wanted to keep two bishops. The thing is, I had 3 times less time than him and B vs B endgame was still won, but it was much more simple than 2B vs. B+N.

61… b3 was winning, I didn’t see it. Then after 65. Bb6 I saw of course Bd4, but thought that he could draw with the opposite-squared bishops after 65… Nxd4 66. cxd4. Of course it was a win for Black. It became close to a draw, still he made a few mistakes giving me a chance to win, I didn’t use them. The last one was 71. Ke4, after that a pawn sacrifice b3 was winning, because then after 72. Nxb3 Bc4 73. Nc1 Bd2 the knight got caught.

I only can say that I was playing on the increment, having at one moment 9 seconds left on the clock. So the game finished with a draw, that was very disappointing.