It means “wise is he who looks ahead”. It was a night when I expected to play White with a not very strong opponent according to my current standing. So, I got a boy and he played Sicilian, Anderssen variation.

White should play 5. Nc3, but I didn’t like Bb4, though after Ndb5 or Qg4 White is better. 5. Bd3 is better for Black if answered by Nc6, but he played a6. On move 10 I decided to play g4, basically this is Keres attack, based on Black’s lost control of g4 after d6. There is one game in online DB with 10… e5. After Nf5 he had to counter g5, Nd5 threat, so Bxf5 wasย the only choice. I needed to decide with which pawn to take on f5. To me exf5 looked like giving him the pawn center after d5, but gxf5 is just equal. I forgot, what was the goal of my g4, it was to play g5 and push out the knight on f6. So, after 12. exf5 d5 13. g5 Bc5 14. exf6 Bxe3+ 15. Kh1 White is much better, this is what happened in that game from DB and Black was crushed.

In another line – 12… exf4 13. Rxf4 f6 White is 0.85, still better. Anyway after 16 moves I saw f6 and Qe4. His h6 was bad, after Nd7 he was losing just h7 pawn. I saw Rxf6 sacrifice and thought that he is lost after 19. Rxf6 gxf6 20. Bxh6. But he made a check on b6 and suddenly I realized that after 21. Kh1 f5 22. Qg2+ Qg6 he defends successfully. So I played Be3, which gave away a win.

Here is where that Latin phrase applies, if there would be just one more move in my calculation – Qh3, I would see that there are threats of Rg1 or Bxf5, so after 23. Qh3 e4 24. Be2 Black loses.

After 21… Qd6 White still could have some advantage after calm c4, but I played Rf1, still seeing the attack that was already dead. He estimated the position right and offered a draw, I refused. 24. Qh6+ was a really bad move, because then I, to my horror, saw that the rooks are coming to h8 and g8. This is exactly what happened.

Then he unexpectedly gave me a chance by sacrificing an exchange and forcing B vs. N endgame. I played losing 37. Kg3, it was a draw after 37. Kg2 Nxe1+ 38. Kf1 Nf3 39. Bc8 and White eventually wins the “e” pawn. I had a few minutes left at that moment and definitely wasn’t thinking clearly.