My opponent was a young man, rated 1905, never played him before. I had White and he chose Owen Defense. I thought I needed to play a3 in order to prevent Bb4. Interesting that looking back I probably wouldn’t play 14. d5, even computer actually suggests it. Anyway computer then recommends 16. e6 instead of 16. exd6. But I didn’t want to give him the “f” vertical. Instead of 17. Qxd6 computer says Qe4 is equal.

I didn’t see his f5 coming, but calculated b4 and during the process found Bxc5 after f4. I thought quite some time what piece I should take – knight or bishop and decided that leaving bishop will be a bit risky. He got some pressure and eventually I decided to exchange the rooks. It was a mistake, because in the knight ending his “a” pawn is stronger than my “c”.  He had essentially more time than me, something like 25 minutes vs. my 10, but then I started to play on the increment and his time went down to ~19 minutes.

After 45. Nc4 he asked me if we had a threefold repetition. I said not yet, but I am not against a draw. He said something like he needs to think and continued to play, but after two more moves he agreed to a draw.