I think I needed it after four losses in a row. On Thursday because of the freezing rain about 1/3 of the players took byes, so both my opponent and the color I got were unexpected. I got a guy with whom I played recently and who missed the zwischenzug. I got White and we played Sicilian, Moscow variation. This is a second game when I allowed a6, b5, c5 and as a result my knight ended up on d1. After the first game computer recommended a6, but here I didn’t see how it could stop b4. The thing is after 12. a3 b4 13. axb4 cxb4 14. Na2 Black doesn’t have a5 because of Nxb4. If he plays Bb7 and then b4, my knight should go to a4, not d1 disrupting rooks.

Then I made another bad knight move playing Nh2 and forgetting about d5. Computer thinks that 18… d4 19. Bf2 Bh6 was strong for Black with about 1.5 advantage. After his 21… Ne5 I was so happy to exchange my knight on h2 that missed his f5 after exchange, saw it as soon as I put my knight on f3. I even thought to take on f3 with a pawn, but it was just losing a pawn on h3. For some reason he decided to play f4 instead of taking on e4, maybe he thought the same as me that his bishop will be hanging.  But after 24… fxe4 25. dxe4 Bxe4 26. Bg5 he could play Bf3 keeping the pawn.

I was just hanging until move 32, when I started to breath easier. I had a feeling that his 34… e6 wasn’t that good, but hurried to play Bc5 not seeing Rf5. After we exchanged rooks the game started to look drawn. I thought that maybe playing h4 was a mistake, but computer does the same. I thought at some moment that he can win my h4 pawn, but it is possible only with bishops exchange and the pawn endgame is won for me because of the remote passed pawn which I would create on the queenside.

We both had about 3 minutes left, when he played Kf4. I played Bg5+ and he resigned.