My opponent was a guy to whom I lost recently having an “opening catastrophe”. He had White and suddenly started with 1. e3, it was Van’t Kruijs Opening. I never had it OTB, though got it online a few times. The first 6 moves were book moves, though I never knew them.

After his 0-0 I saw an idea of Nxd2, so my two next moves were kind of preparation for that, with c6 being useful and “waiting” move. I had a problem with deciding what to do after 14… Bxe3+ 15. Kh1, choosing the obvious and the worst Bxf4 with only 1.85 advantage. The best was 15… Qd6 16. Bd3 Qxf4 with the queen out of “e” vertical and the same material advantage.

After 18. Rad1 I definitely hurried to play Ne4, Bd7 as the game showed was much better. I expected 19. Nxe4, so Bxe4 was a surprise.  Computer says that 20… Qh6 was the right move. I made a mistake in two moves playing 22… Bf4. I considered Bg4, but didn’t like 23. Rd4. Computer says, I could play Rf2 and if Rxg4, then Raf8, having a clear advantage. I missed his Re7.

Then my advantage started to disappear gradually, as well as my remaining time. He spent much less time and played fast. It was an absolutely right plan to force exchange of the rooks on g7, but I had to be very careful, for example 44… Re8 simply loses after Kf7. The only drawing move was 44… h6 with an idea of 45… a4 after 45. Kf7 and White has to force a draw – 46. Rg8+ Kh7  47. Rg7+ Kh8.

I had seconds and thinking about my 44th move forgot about the clock and suddenly saw it blinking. Needless to say I was very disappointed.