There is an expression in Russian, which pretty much corresponds to what happened in the game. It was last Thursday, my opponent was a boy, I played with him 2.5 years and won. I had Black, he played Queen’s Pawn defense. It was equal until I played 15… f5. I didn’t see that after exchange he can just advance his pawn on e5 getting advantage. He lost it after playing 20. Rac1, letting me to play f4, computer likes this move.

Suddenly on move 22 he decides to take on d6. After his 23. Bb5 I had an only move – Qe7 and worried if I can lose a material. But then I saw that I can take his queen and then the pawn. Then I started to see “ghosts” when it looked like after all exchanges he can play Rc7 with a fork on both bishops. Then I found that I can take on e7 with another rook and decided to go to the washroom.

So I came back and saw that he played 24. exd6, so I played the prepared Rxe2 and he took my queen. I thought for a moment what is better – taking back on e7 or staying there and attacking his knight and decided to double the rooks.  After he took my rook on e7 something looked strange to me and suddenly I realized to my horror that his bishop on b5 defends the rook on e2. I concentrated too much on the center and forgot about that bishop. I still had 35 minutes on the clock. I resigned and was very upset.

When I came home, I found that after any move except the one I made I had about +1.5 due to the fact that his “d” pawn was weak and his knight had nowhere to move.