My opponent was a man, who plays as long as I am playing, first our game was in 2008. I think our score is +2, -1.  He had White, Ruy Lopez, Chigorin variation. My goal in it lately is to avoid by any means a quiet White’s buildup on the kingside, the knight placed on f5 is of course an important part of it.

19. Nd5 really changed a character of the game for me. After 19… Nxd5 20. exd5 f6 I got a good feeling. The pawn on d5 didn’t look dangerous and my position looked very solid. Then again I was not worried about his Nh4 because I had f5. Then a strange thing happened. I was watching his knight and saw that I can’t play g5 because he would take on f5. From another point of view I didn’t want to play e4 because of the Qd4 with the forced queens exchange. So I played Bg7 not seeing that after 25… e4 , 26… g5 he loses the knight on h4.

Then I made another mistake giving up all my advantage after exchange on h4. 29… Qc6 was intended not to let him to put his queen on d5, attacking pawn on e5. It was still his best option – to play Qd5 with an equal position. His 32. Re1 gave an advantage to me again. 33. Qe2 was another mistake and then he suddenly took on e5. He probably thought that I will play 36… Rxc6, but I saw a knight check winning a piece.

The arisen endgame was pretty simple, it was good because I really got down on time. I stopped writing the moves having less than 5 minutes and got under 1 minute at some point. Still, in the end I managed to block his passed “b” pawn and created my own on the kingside. Eventually he resigned when my pawn was about to queen with a mate.