I played this game last week, on Thursday. I had White and went for an Open Sicilian, don’t remember the last time I played it. I still remembered that I should be careful of Bc5 and Qb6, also of Bb4. 5. Be3 wasn’t a very good move, Nc3 is the book one. Anyway I was feeling OK after the opening, just needed a plan.

I knew that g4 was kind of sharp, computer prefers doubling the rooks on “d” vertical. The position was about equal, then he played Nc5. I saw right away that after exchange on d8 he leaves his knight under-protected, no matter how he takes on d8. I played it, then after 24. Bxc5 he suddenly took the bishop with the rook. I saw his idea to pin the rook, but I had enough defense resources. Being a rook down he resigned.