My opponent was a boy, I played many times with him before. He had White, again Ruy Lopez, Anderssen Variation – 5. d3.

After his 13th move I decided not to wait until I get under the kingside attack and played d5. He did not play the exact moves – 14. Qe2 instead of 14. exd5 was equal and 15. d4 was not well thought too.

The same was with his 17. Nf5 – he was attacking even I was better developed. I spent quite some time calculating 17. Bxf5 until decided that I am good in all the lines. I considered his 21. Ne5 a mistake, but he actually did not have a choice, he could not play Be3 because after cxd4 he couldn’t take on d4, it was losing a piece.

So, he I was, happy being pawn up, but what next? 24… Rg4 was too cautious, I was seeing ghosts with Rxg7+. Instead 24… f6 25. Rg3 Re8 26. Be3 Rd3 was keeping pressure. Then we exchanged another pair of rooks and after a few more moves he offered a draw. I refused first, but then not seeing how I can win and having 22 minutes vs. his 45, agreed.