My opponent was a guy I had a +1, -1 score in the last 3 years. I looked at our games before coming to the club. He played that night the same Giuoco Piano, but a different variation.

After 21… Qf5 I was feeling confident. Computer thinks that 23. b4 was a mistake. I thought for a some time how to play on move 24, Nd3 or Rg6, decided on Rg6, it was right. But then after g3 I did not see Qc2 eventually winning d4 pawn. I did not want to play 27… Nxb4, seeing that after 28. Rb2 he wins the pawn back with a better position. But computer suggests 27… c5 28. dxc5 Na6 with 0.6-0.7 advantage and a better play for Black.

So, I think it was after 25. g3 that he offered a draw. I refused first, but after a few moves saw that I have 12 minutes against his 18 and also didn’t see how I can win, so I agreed to a draw.

Computer evaluated the final position as +0.5 for me and suggested playing 28… Rg4. It was another idea I didn’t see, to attack his d4 pawn. Anyway I think it was a reasonable decision and it stopped a losing streak too.