It was a second round, I played with a boy, couple of months ago he didn’t want a perpetual and lost to me. This time I had Black and he played Vienna Game.  I was happy with how the game developed and he really was behind on time.  Then on move 27 I made the first bad decision – to exchange queens, thinking that even without queens  I will still be much better. Fritz says that after 27. Re4 I had about +2 advantage, +1  after Qe4.

It was a moment when I had 30 minutes and he had one, but then he started to play fast. I couldn’t find a good plan and was probably hoping that he will flag or make a decisive mistake. I had perpetual after 41. Rd2+, but did not pay attention, exactly like he did in the previous game.  Then I got less than 5 minutes left and stopped writing the moves, the rules in our club allow that.

So, eventually we got into a rook endgame.  He managed to win my “b” pawn, I won his “c” one and also I lost “f” pawn on the kingside  and exchanged “g” pawns.  My king was cut off and with the passed “b” pawn he had an easy win. No need to say that I was really disappointed.