I tried to guess my opponent and prepared myself for Sicilian Paulsen.  I lost in it to him 3 years ago and wanted to get a revenge. My guess was right and the game went as planned. According to the book 5…Qc7 wasn’t a good move and I could get advantage by playing 7. Qe2 instead of c3.

It seemed to me that I had an initiative, but computer thinks he was OK until he played 20… f5. Even 21… Rf6 was not saving him, since I could play 22. Bxf5 and if Rxf5 then 23. Nxe7 Qxe7 24. Qxf5.

Then he didn’t play the best moves, though his position was lost anyway. When he played 29… Qd6, I already knew what will happen.