I tried to predict my opponent and I decided before the game that I do not want to let him play his Scotch gambit, in which he two times got an opening advantage and eventually won. Petroff defense looked like a good alternative. It was exactly what happened.

I played all the right moves in the opening, though spent quite some time. I think 22… f5 was a first mistake, then 24… dxc4. I didn’t like 24… Nc7 because of 25. c5 and my bishop is hanging on e7. But bishop just could go to d8 then and it is alright. Opening of the position was better for him with constant threat of d5 and pressing on my weak pawns on the kingside.

I played 42… Rxd4 having already less than 5 minutes, it was a bad move. Fritz recommends f5 and thinks I could hold this position. He later played g4 and created “f” passed pawn. This pawn became very dangerous, I was playing on increment having only 10-15 seconds and finally lost on time.