My opponent was a boy, his rating rose 300 points since we played 2 years ago, I won then. I got White and replied with my usual Moscow variation to his Sicilian. In this game I decided not to play my regular 5. c4 and chose more quiet line. It was a very positional struggle until I played 34. f5. He could play 34. bxc3 35. bxc3 Qb6 36. fxe6 Rxe5 37. fxe6 with pretty much equal position, but played Qb5. Then he made another mistake playing Rxe5. I saw that I could play 36. Qa8+ and then take on f7, but thought that he has Rf5. What I didn’t see was Qe4 and then g6 loses because of Qe8. It was a golden opportunity which I missed.

So after I won a pawn his counterstrike a3 made the game equal. I had to take care of his “c” pawns and it became a completely drawn position. During the post-mortem we still did not see 36. Qa8+ winning the game.