It was a first round. My opponent was a guy rated 100 higher, I lost to him two months ago. So, I got White and he played Pirc defence. Usually I am not very good against it, so I was careful. After Bxd5 I thought that my bishop is not better than his knight and decided to exchange it. Then I went for queens exchange.

I knew that he will play f5 at some point to attack e4 pawn, c4 was also planned. Then after Bg6 game became sharper. I had to be careful to play the right moves. Bd3 forced me to think for some time until I realized that he is losing a pawn. This was probably a classical example of overstretching, he wanted to win too much. Fritz recommends Ng7 instead of Ng3, it just seemed risky to me to put my knight there. Ng7 wasn’t winning anyway. Kd3 was a blunder, though Fritz doesn’t think so. It is actually a draw here anyway. I was getting tired, as we were playing already for 4 hours.

After 65. Na7 I asked TD if it would be a draw if I take the pawn and he said he is not sure. Actually I can blunder my bishop and it would be a win for him, right. So, I didn’t do it. Then after 68 moves I got a bit angry with him continuing to play for a win, said: “OK, let’s play” and took the pawn. Then I told him that I will be giving checks with my bishop. Usually I do not behave like that, it’s just I thought that his behavior was on the boundary of no respect for his opponent. After a few moves I saw that he can’t do anything and calmed down. Then he realized the same and offered a draw. It was midnight already.