I suffered four losses in a row, so coming to the club I clearly wanted to stop this bad streak. My opponent was a guy I know pretty well and have a score +1, -1 I think. I had Black and we played Four Knights game. After he exchanged bishops on e6 I started to feel comfortable.

His 16. g3 was a mistake, I saw Nxd3 right away, but noticed that he has Ng5+ move. Computer still gives it ~-1, I thought less, but didn’t like going back to g6 with the same Ng5+ and then Qh5, so took on d3. I saw Bd2 too. 19. Kg2 was another mistake, Ne1 was better.

Then I made a mistake myself. Not knowing how to continue better, I offered to exchange queens. I didn’t see that he can sacrifice bishop on h6 afterwards and I can’t take it because of the fork. Of course, all the time I was seeing that he can take on h6, but I still saw the rook standing on f7 andย defended by the king. He missed that and I developed a strong attack.

On move 40 I saw a rook sacrifice with mate in 5 and played it. He resigned after two moves seeing the rest – 42. Kf1 Nd3 + 43.ย Qf4 Rxf4+ 44. Rf2 Rxf2#.