It is about two games on consecutive Thursdays. They were somewhat similar in the sense that tactical strike decided the game. Unfortunately only one of them was mine.

October 2. I was paired with a master, but I didn’t see him coming. As I knew that he usually comes early, I asked TD almost right after the start and he said: “Oh, I forgot, he took a bye”. So, he quickly re-paired me with a guy that got a 1-point bye.

I got Black and we played Queen’s Pawn defense. Before the start I played 4 blitz games with some schmuck that wanted to play only with 2-3 minutes control, lost all of them. Maybe that, as well as distraction because of re-pairing caused me to blunder on move 6, automatically playing e6 and not seeing Qb5+. For some reason Fritz gives it only +0.5 and shootouts end in a draw. Anyway, he didn’t see it and castled.

Then we got into some positional maneuvering until he played 22. Bh2. I saw Nxc3 right away and calculated it, seeing also his hanging knight on d2. Then I found another good move – 24… Nd1 and the game was over. It took him some time to realize that.

 October 9.  I was paired with the guy I never played before. I guessed him playing me before the game and knew he can play Sicilian Nc6. I played my favorite Rossolimo attack, but his Qc7 was a surprise, I wasn’t ready for that and spend too much time in the opening.  The best was not to play Nc3 and d4, but to castle and play Re1, not letting his knight on f6.

So, it was equal and then he played this bad move b5. I saw e5 and played it, but after Qxf3 “automatically” took by rook. I consider it now one of the worst moves in my chess life, because it decided the game.  I would get at least a draw after gxf3, not letting his knight on g4. As soon as played 18. h3 I saw his Rxd4. He thought for a while and played it. 20. Rg3 was another very bad move instead of 20. Rff4. After 20… Bc5 I could just play Kf1.

My position became very bad and Ne6 was a final blunder, I thought so much about Rxg7+ that I was sure that Ne6 was a check. That loss, third out of four games and with White to 200 lower rated player (though he is in the top with +3 right now), also quick, really upset me.