I decided to put two my Monday’s games in one post.

September 29.  My opponent was a boy, my score with him I think is =2, -1 . Recently his rating from expert’s jumped to 2000. So, I had Black and for the first time in my life ( OTB ) played Hungarian Defense. Fritz thinks it was equal until I played 11… f5, he had to play exf5.

Then I had to play c5 one move earlier, instead of Qe8. The line 12… c5 13. Bxg7 Kxg7 14. exf5 was giving me advantage and 12… c5 13. Be3 c4 was even worse for White. Instead of it I got under pressure.

But then I managed to get into a rook ending where my king and rook were very active and despite being two pawns down I was feeling OK. Fritz thinks that 62… Kd3 was keeping it equal. Then I missed another chance after he made a mistake playing 66. Kg6. Instead of queening I had to play Rb6+, Rb7+, Rb3 and then Rg3 checking White king. After he gave up his rook the resulting R vs. 2P endgame was lost for me.

October 6. My opponent was a man, score – =1, -1.  I had White, played Ruy Lopez and he played 7… O-O. I didn’t want to play against Marshall attack (even I actually have one win with White) and decided to play Anti-Marshall a4. It wasn’t a good idea, as I got an unfamiliar position.

On move 17 I decided to play g4, usually I don’t like making moves like this, but I just didn’t like what I would get if I wouldn’t do it. By the way computer thinks I am fine after 19.Qe2 giving +0.32 evaluation. Anyway it is equal until I, not knowing what to do, played 25. Bd3.  It was still more or less OK, but by playing 37. Ne2 I completely missed f5. It was really sudden and I overestimated the danger of this move. 38. exf5 was really bad and my position started to deteriorate. Eventually I got under a straight attack, had to give up an exchange and lost the ensuing endgame.