This game was played on last Thursday. My opponent was a boy with whom I had a bad score: =1, -3.  I had White, we played Ruy Lopez, he chose Archangelsk variation. I was quite happy how the opening went, he was spending essentially more time than me.

Then the crucial moment came when he played 17… g5. So I got a dilemma: or play Bg3 and after Nh4 get the position that I didn’t like at all or sacrifice the knight on g5. Funny that I didn’t see that Nh4 is not possible because of Nxe5. So, I looked and looked at it and sacrificed the knight. He had to play 19… Qe6 and d5, it was the best defense, still I was better. But he played Kg7, then Nb8.  When I decided to play 22. Bxf6, I saw the check on f5 winning the queen. What I didn’t see was 22. Qf3 followed by Rh3+ and then Qf5,  it was a mate. What let me down is I knew that I have a dangerous attack and can win material, but I had to know that there should be a mate right there.

So, I got that big advantage and of course started to think how good I will feel when I will win this game. Computer has nothing against my plan of playing on the queenside, but prefers to attack g6 pawn and it was my feeling after the game too.

39.  Qg3 was a really bad move, I think my 6 hours of sleep and 9 hours of work eventually showed, I didn’t see Nh5. Then not liking the position of my queen, I made another bad move – 44. d4. I think soon after that he offered a draw, I initially refused, but after 50 moves I didn’t see how I can win and agreed to it. I also had less time than him at that moment. Computer gives me only 0.5 advantage.