This is from the “Evgeny Onegin” by famous Russian poet Pushkin. Here is the story.

I arrived to the club the first, after 1.5 hours of driving, it was snowing. There were fewer people that evening than usually, so I suspected that I will get somebody from the top. I got it from the very top, number 2, Master (in Canada it’s for life) and rated pretty close – 2175. I thought why I spent so much time and efforts to get to the club, then decided “what the hell”.

He had White and started with Ruy Lopez, quiet Anderssen variation with d3. Then by playing Nc3 he allowed me to get a bishop pair. His 13. Nh2 of course was intended to play f4, so I decided to counterattack in the center. 16. Qe3 was an unpleasant surprise, as I realized that I can’t defend both f6 and d5 squares and either should lose c5 pawn or take on f6 with a pawn after Ng4. I didn’t want the last option and played the line where I kept two bishops. Then after  a few moves I started to like my position more and more and his less and less. I expected Re1 and played the planned Qd6 right away. Little did I know that I am missing the crushing Qg5. He was simply losing after 23… Qg5 24. Qa2 Rc4 25. Ne4 Bxf2+ 26. Kh1 Bxe4 27. dxe4 Bxe1.

The funny thing is that he allowed the same theme on the next move by playing Re2. This time it is Rxc3 that was deciding the game. What can I say? I had more power in my hands than thought. Anyway, the game continued and he equalized, but then again played a passive Nd1 allowing me to play e4. I didn’t see strong 35… Rf8 and he equalized again.

Then my time got really low. When I got less than 4 minutes I stopped writing the moves, because I heard that we are allowed to do that even having the increment. He suddenly said with a not happy face that I have to write the moves. I said OK, because I wasn’t sure, but one of the officials was nearby and confirmed that I don’t have to do that. I think I lost the thread of the game soon. It was clear that my attack disappeared, but I couldn’t switch into a draw mode. The draw was entirely possible. But for some reason I tried to avoid queens exchange and my piece got under some kind of a pin. I eventually found a way to unpin, but my flag fell at that moment.