That was a question that I was asking myself on Thursday. I woke up at that day at four something am and after not being able to get back to sleep decided to watch the game 9. I saw the whole thing and then went to work. Physically I felt OK, just sleepy, so after some thought decided that after a little nap at home I could be OK. I expected higher rated opponent, but got this 1777 rated boy and already felt better.

I had White and played again my Moscow variation in Sicilian. It surprised me that he allowed exchange of the dark-colored bishops and I thought that I am getting advantage, Fritz agrees. Fritz also prefers f4 to my h4, I kind of didn’t feel ready to give up e5 after f5, but didn’t see that I can put my knight on e6. On move 21 I decided to sacrifice the pawn on h4, though was surprised again when he took it. I didn’t see a forced win after 25. fxg6 Qxg6 26. Qh3 Rd8  27. Nc7 Rb8 28. Re3 Nf8 29. Rg3 with Qh5 threat. Anyway my attack continued. Then I missed another forced win with 35. Rg3.

Finally I found another attacking resource – passed “d” pawn. He had to exchange queens, but didn’t do it and eventually lost an exchange still being under attack. I started to chase his king, but didn’t see the winning move 47. Qe7+ allowing my rook check or losing rook with a check. I am glad that at least I saw that his check on e3 could be fatal and it was! He was simply mating me. We both were under 5 minutes already. Eventually I prevented all the checks with Qg5 and Rd1 and he resigned.