It was my first game in that club after a 3 months absence, so I was nervous a bit. It was a first round and I expected a ~1550 rated opponent, but I got ~1750 rated guy, maybe ratings were accelerated. I had White, here is the game. I had to exchange queens early and lost a right to castle because of that, but it was a best move and I felt that I am OK.

I was thinking for some time after 16…Nb6 and I am proud of myself for finding Kf4 – Fritz’s move. Then I was surprised a bit with his Rc8, but thought that my pawn structure is a bit better, so I have nothing to lose. It was almost like tricking him into it, when I offered knight’s exchange and he went for it. But still until his 28…fxg5 it was a draw, shootouts confirmed that. Then it was a matter of technique and I was able to get  a nice win after g6 and h6. By the end of the game I spent 45 minutes and he – 15.