So, after a long absence, I finally found a time and desire to post something.

I played on Monday. My opponent was my “longtime enemy”, who being essentially lower rated, nevertheless got a +2, =1 score against me. It was mostly his openings, Portuguese variation of Scandinavian was one of them, but also his street chess style of play. He had White and started with something reminding Blackmar-Diemer gambit, which I know he likes. Here is the game.

I decided to play g5 to keep control on the crucial square e4. Fritz says I could take on g4 after he played it with 1.03 advantage, but I didn’t see it. Then after e4 I tried to keep it rather safe. Fritz says that after 25. Na5 I missed 24… Qa4 25. a3 Bxa3 with Qxa3+ and Nd5 coming.

At least I saw 30… Nxe3, which turned the game in my favor. After his Bxc7 I think I kind of believed him and also didn’t have that much time, probably less than 20 minutes. So, I missed a simple defense Rd6 after the queen check and didn’t take the bishop.

Then after 36 … Rexe5 the opposite happened, he kind of believed me. The funny thing is I saw 37. Rg4 (after which the queen has nowhere to go), but for some reason I thought that it can go to h1. After his Qc4+ and exd5 I saw that his king is in trouble after  Rd2+ and Qc2. His Ka3 didn’t help as he was losing after Bf8+.  Seeing that he loses a queen, he resigned. I was really happy and thought that I played an excellent game before Fritz pointed to Rg4. 🙂 Anyway a win is a win, I think I deserved it in this game.