Despite of the bad weather – weakened hurricane that came to Ontario, there were pretty many people at the club. I had Black and played Queen’s Indian, here is the game. I need to study better this opening and stop hesitating to play Bb4 instead of Be7, which takes I think a good square from my queen.  There were nothing special in the opening besides my opponent spending enormous time on each move starting from move 15.

The time difference was getting bigger and bigger and frankly I thought that the game is almost over, not by time, but just because of the unavoidable mistake in the time trouble. But 24. Be4 was the first sign that it will not go so easy. I had to calculate quite a lot. Then he finally made that mistake allowing me to win his two rooks for the queen.

The game was here for taking. The funny thing is that I saw Rd2 after his Qg3 and that I can take on g2, but thought that I give back my 2 rooks, not realizing that in the pawn endgame I will have more pawns, i.e. win. Then when his remaining time reached 5 minutes he started to play very fast and never went below 6 minutes (we had 30 seconds increment). We kind of exchanged roles, with him playing fast and well and me – slow and  not so well.  Still I missed another clear win after 41. Qg5 and then started to play simply bad losing material.

Definitely his revival affected me, I had not much more time than him anymore and also played mostly on increment. Eventually I lost 2 pawns and got my rook out of play. I decided to give up an exchange thinking that maybe I’ll have chances with my rook and bishop against his queen. Luckily I managed to exchange queenside pawns and suddenly he offered a draw, saying that he thinks I can build a fortress.

Shootout confirmed that, 2 games finished in a draw.